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Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
...a rod that is not for a beginner is going to be a bad idea.
Dan, I donít mean to sound like a prick but why not for a beginner? This is your opinion, I bought a rod that I can cast the best, sure it was an $850 rod but it is a damn good one. Why, should it be justifiable by us to decide how much money he should spend? If she can cast it and she likes it and she is a beginner why is it not for a beginner?

I personally think that a lot of fly fishermen out there push the cheap stuff onto us beginners and I honestly canít help but feel this way as it has been proven time and time again, different stores, different fly fishermen, different salesmen. I donít mean to offend anyone by saying this but I think a lot of the ones I spoke to and try and talk me down are basically saying "look here I couldnít afford this when I started out so you shouldnít either". Why? Whatís wrong with a $850 rod? If its good for a professional why not me? Sure I wonít get to feel the difference of improvement because I start out at the top, but why spend $200 this year $400 in the next few years and then $800 5 years down the road on rods by improving. So you just wasted $600 by "learning" and jumping through the hoops of being told wrong.

I say go get a nice rod and spend the money and enjoy it, if you can cast it well and the rod is forgiving and feels great. Why not?
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