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Default How to select fly line?

Hello all,
I am new to fly fishing (6 months or so). I have noticed that the first 5 ft or so of the line that came with my rod/reel combo is starting to sink. This has made mending and overall drifting difficult. I need new line. I dont want to break the bank, being a college student im on a tight budget. I have a 9' 5/6 Ross rod and reel. 1st Q is what weight line to get? 2nd is color?Ii know I want WF, F, but other than that I have no idea. I fish in streams and rivers in central and eastern MT. Trout is what I seek. Are their any brands to stay away from. Cabelas/BPS has some for cheep compared to other brands but am i wasting money just to buy more next season?

Thanks for any info
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