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Originally Posted by gt05254 View Post
Hey, 1move, take a deep breath. exhale slowly. think happy thoughts.
Gary, thanks! I am calm. Is there some information I am missing? A rule? A catch 22? Where a beginner should be shunned for using good equipment? By all means whoever can afford it go for it. I will be happy for you and the next guy if you can get the good stuff go for it. I am not trying to be an ******* just want an answer why is it so bad for someone starting out to get a good rod, or equipment for that matter?

This is how I view it, a new driver wants to buy a new car and likes Audi or BMW but you say no you dont need to spend the kind of money to get you from point A to point B. Here is a Pontiac Sunfire it will do the job and you will save yourself a ton of money. Great right, saved money and got a car to get the job done. The time you will enjoy the drive = Never! Because you got sold something you did not want.

It is about enjoying fishing and enjoying the sport, connecting with nature and the fish. Not about who spent what on gear, so why guide someone down the path they dont want to take? If we caught the same fish with an expensive or a cheap rod it will be the same experiance at the end of the day, we caught a fish. But if you get the stuff you want you will enjoy it 10 times more and in the long run spend less

Sorry guys I am still a tad bitter about my own experiance and this is why I am ranting on about it.
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