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Default Re: Adventure Flyfishing Co vest

Hello All, as founder and owner of The Adventure Flyfishing Co., as well as the designer of all its gear, I just wanted to add a couple (obviously biased) comments to your thread.

Firstly, Simms makes some outstanding gear, and you can’t really go wrong with most it, especially their highest end “guide” range. Having said that, I believe our gear is exceptional because I’ve spared no expense in its manufacture, and it’s designed to address certain functional challenges inherent in other gear on the market, (i.e., vest that transforms into a weather resistant vest/jacket, inbuilt tippet dispenser, retractor cavity, dropdown fly trays, heaps of pockets, integrated hydration system, waterproof long-bill caps, etc.).

Best thing I can recommend is to visit our site and thoroughly review our products, their features and benefits, as well as have read through the “press/media reviews” and “guide testimonials”, and see if any of it resonates strongly with the type of fishing you do, the conditions you fish in, and the challenges you face with some of your existing gear. If it does, then it’s very likely our gear would be well suited to you.

As for dealers, unfortunately, as a small manufacturer the dealer model didn’t work as well for us as direct-to-consumer, so we’ve scaled back the number of dealers we have across the US, Europe and Australia in favor of online.

I completely respect wanting to touch and feel gear before you buy, but what I can offer is an absolute 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So, if you’ve been through our site and are confident that what we have will work well for your needs, order it, use it, beat the hell out of it for 30 days, and if you’re not absolutely satisfied return it for a full refund... no questions asked.

If you have any further questions, or there’s anything I/we can do to assist you please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us.

Take care and tight lines!

Robert Gallup
(877) 4-FLY-FISH
The Adventure Flyfishing Co. :: Premium All-Season Fly Fishing Gear & Accessories
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