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Default Re: One Last Question, and I Promise I'll Quit...

Hairwing, you make excellent points.
On the books, I'm torn because I like having the physical books around. I will admit, though, a high percentage never got touched again once placed on the bookshelf.

On the subject of change, I've felt compassion for the Tattooed Man in the circus - out of business. And, frankly, I'm not a fan of some of the fashion trends these days - or some of my generation's fashion trends as I think back. What does bother me, though, is folks who get frozen in time (that part is all right), think only their fashions, music, morals are proper, and then try to impose their standards (that part is not all right for me) on others. I can think of a couple of nasty dictators/tyrants who had that philosophy. Life is too short to hate others because of their beliefs and lifestyles - makes one into a bitter old person who dwells on such things. And you know what? If we were by chance born in certain other countries and decided we didn't want a tattoo, we might be considered odd. Life and let live. Enjoy the Kindle for its convenience and cost savings, enjoy the physical books for their beauty.
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