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Default Dan Craft Line Up

I've been looking at building a fly rod (or two). I've made a couple larger ones for striper fishing, but I want to make a nicer fancier one for trout fishing. The first will be a 9' 5wt.

I am interested in the Dan Craft blanks, they get good reviews without being super pricy and are made in the US. However, I can't really figure out which one to get, and the website isn't very good. I want something medium to medium fast action.

I have found some reviews of the FT as being super fast, and the Sig V as being more reasonable. I am not sure how the boron ones (for which I can't find any mention at all on the internet), the gxt, and ftxl fit in.

Which one would you guys recommend? Has anyone used the boron one?

I am also interested in making a 9'-10' 6wt for streamers and maybe carp.
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