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Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

Originally Posted by jsquires View Post
Well, apparently we need to straighten out all those car riviewers for naming the BMW the best car so many years in a row. But they're just car reviewers; what the heck do they know? Or maybe they're on the take.
I had one of the first Datsun pickups. Nothing would ever go wrong with it (what was there to go wrong?). But would I trade my FJ for it? Absolutely not.
BTW, my wife has a BMW and pays next to nothing for maintenance. Seems like they have enough faith in their product to cover most maintenance for several years these days.
Now, years ago I had one of the first Audis in the States. Don't even get me started about that piece of....
Respectfully, I never said I didn't love that BMW...I did. But dollar for dollar, it was not the better buy. Just because a product, be it a nippers or a car, is a top end, high performance wonderful piece of technological wonder, does not mean that anything less is a piece of useless junk. Yet that is what too many seem to believe. Are there useless pieces of junk out there...of course, but not most, and not many.

I have a close friend who is a company trained BMW motorcycle mechanic who will go on and on about the incredible technology those bikes employ, and they are great. Ask him what to buy if you just want a nice, reliable ride...he'll tell you anything Japanese (except one particular brand that shall go nameless).