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Default Hello from South Western Ontario...


I have just recently decided to try fly fishing. Actually it is the second time, the first time I bought some really cheap gear and just played around with it in the yard learning to cast.... Never hit the water though. Anyhow I got a new reel and some proper line a week or so ago because I couldn't find my old reel anywhere. I then went out to a local creek to practice. I found out that using the cheap Berkley glass rod I bought back in the late seventies is only to frustrate me so much that I won't enjoy it all. I did manage to catch about a half pound carp though on my first outing that helped LOL.

I have decided that I want to get a six or seven weight 9' rod as I plan to go after bass, trout and small pike. All I have to do now is figure out which make to get without breaking the bank, so I have enough money left to take some lessons.

I have read lots of great advice on here and can't wait to hit the stores and see some of the rods that others have recommended.

I hope I don't drive everyone crazy with the tons of questions I have.
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