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Default Loop to Loop (Fly Line to Leader)

I am new to the fly fishing sport. I have a 5wt and a 3wt. I put Rio Mainstream on them both (WF5F and DT3F) and neither of them had a loop at the end of the fly line. I was told that's the easiest way to change and connect leaders so the guys at my local fly shop whipped a loop on the end of my fly line for me. If the fly line didn't have a loop it sounded like this was my only option unless I had some tools (which I don't). I'm curious as to what the appropriate length of the added mono loop should be. They nail knotted on some amnesia line and then ended it with a perfection loop. One of those is 2-3" and the other one is closer to 10-12". The longer one doesn't seem to cast well on my 3wt, so what are your preferences??
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