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Hey - I'm such a fast learner that I've filtered through all the works of David Hughes, Lefty, Nemes, Rosenbauer, etc. and come to the conclusion that knotted tapered leaders collect bits of algae and debris and snag on stuff in the water.

Rosenbauer recommends the untucked clinch knot and triple surgeons as the only knots you need -- I find untucked clinch knots to really suck and the triple surgeons is "okay", but not always ideal.

I love Lefty, but totally disagree with his explanations for tailing loops. I think "sexy loops" nailed it much better.

Hughes is great - but I don't always tie soft hackles by the stem....

------so experiment!

I'll really lazy and all about the exclusion of all that is totally unnecessary .

Also, define a "true" fly fisherman for me Rip -- is that an attempt to discredit me based upon "truth"?

Oh, and "centuries of knowledge" sounds interesting and powerful when put into print, but you and I know it often means nothing. Weren't cat gut leaders and bamboo rods the "end all" at some point? Aren't fast action rods the best rods according to the experts now?? You see where I'm going?

This is mostly 1/3 serious though......but for the naysayers -- just try it!

Oh, and anyone who wants to try one of my leaders can just PM me and I'll give you my formula for it
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