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Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
I have already corrected your name, accept my apology please, and I agree with the old adage. However, when an item is developed and produced in the US, UK, Japan, etc. and imitated in China...that is a creative property issue which is less complimentary. Do the imitation C&F boxes have molded on their bottom side, "Made in Japan"?
Only joking SandS, thanks.
No, on the ones I have, there is no place of manufacture, but I would bet the wife they are made in China, hope I'm wrong.
It is less complimentary, but lets face it, what isn't theses days, China, Korea, home of Hardy.
It'll be interesting to see what appears in the future as patents run out.

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Originally Posted by woodrivertroutbum View Post
McTrout, lol. Is that replacing the filet o' fish sandwich?

very good, never thought of that.

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Originally Posted by jeepster ii View Post
I bought all these c&f and five inserts for $100 at sportsman warehouse when they were in bankruptcy. I bought all they had. It was about 60% off so I'm not complaining. I like the big box because I have big hands. The ridges give you a good grip on the box too. Plus they're waterproof and well made. Unfortunately that box doesn't fit anywhere on my person.

The small ones are slick and don't fit my hands well so they go flying once in a while and they're Not waterproof. I'm about ready to put some grip tape on them. They don't fit very well in pockets either.

Click the image to open in full size.
Steve, a friend was using one of the large grey ones in your picture.
He had spent a full winter filling it with exquisitely tied nymphs, approx 400 plus.
It slipped from his hand in cold weather, and sped away from him at an alarming rate in fast water.
He was deep wading at the time, and he had just shut the box.
It dissapeared downstream, out of sight, he never found it, broke his heart!
Now he attaches a length of backing line to one of the small holes on the box, and fastens this to his vest/jacket.
Basically bolting the door after the horse had bolted.
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