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If you think that a level leader alone will lead to wind knots, I'd ask to see an explanation of this.

Tailing loops are caused by the path of the rod tip during casting -- or more specifically, as the rod is unloading on either portion of the cast (tailing the back cast is sometimes a problem for people as well even if they aren't aware of it).

A tapered leader has nothing to do with this. If you cast in such a way that the rod tip takes a "concave" path you'll increase your odds of throw a tailing loop on any leader leader

Generating line speed is not good for casting? Are YOU serious here? Do you cast on mostly small streams?

Look - I'm not an expert and I have no expensive gear -- I use a bass pro rod that hit about 150 bucks. What does that have to do with it? No one is an expert here -- we're all just "random guy on the internet".

I'd offer that this opinion is just "different" advice and not "bad" advice.

And please - the rolling eyes, and please drop the silly, sarcastic comments about how much money I've spent or how few years I've been around.

I actually think you all offer good advice, but your opinions don't necessarily have more value simply because you've held them longer. This would be a really stubborn mindset and probably is a logical fallacy (like the slippery slope).

This isn't a threat to your social order of advice-giving here, so relax!

If you wouldn't consider Ian Colin James an idiot, please extend me the same courtesy. Thanks --

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By the way, do you think a tapered leader is needed to chuck a whole handful of lead for a 'Provo bounce'? Or is my spinning reel and a 300 yard level leader OK?
I don't know what that is honestly -- so can't really respond.

If this is related to the need for taper to turn over large, heavy flies I'd again disagree. My experience with heavy flies (like clousers) is that the fly turns over the leader.....level works fine.

Plus, I've now started throwing these chunkers with sinking line -- and it either case, if I'm throwing heavy flies I don't see any need for a 'gentle' turnover.

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work on shorter distance casting and eliminating slack” your kidding with that comment aren’t you, and what slack are you eliminating in your cast?
No, I'm not kidding. One of the ways I tended to throw tailing loops was from allowing slack to collect during the transition between back and forward casting on longer distances (with hauling). This "slack" caused the rod to load unevenly on the beginning of the forward cast, which in turn caused the rod to take a concave tip path and led to tailing loops. I've worked with casting instructors here locally and apparently it's not uncommon.

Eliminating this slack solved the problem. Actually, eliminating slack and "slack is the enemy" is something I very commonly read in fly fishing.

Am I completely nuts, or does anyone else see this? Why is this bad advice? Granted there are a lot of ways to mess up a cast, but this helped me so I figured why not toss it out there .

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Oh and one more off topic - thanks for the lead on those fly lines Rip. I have 2 of the sink tips and like them a lot. I found them to cast pretty similar to the floating lines I have, which kind of surprised me. They shoot a little better though with the extra weight.

Okay, I believe I'll move on from this thread . Back on topic --
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