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Default Re: Worst Fishing Car Ever

All I know is every car I have owned made a horrible pair of waders, but made amazing clippers.

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Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
My gosh Bash...You are a seriously tough dude!

Don't think I have ever had a worst fishing vehicle, ever since highschool there has been a pickup or jeep in my drive way. Wait a minute, I had almost erased it from my memory, a white cherokee and was it ever a piece of junk. Took it to the Rockies and 35mph is all it would give going up the mountains.

My buddy has a Jeep that is seriously the biggest POS I have ever ridden in, but he is like me cheap, so we keep our vehicles till they blow flames.

But last time we went to his lake house, we were coming back and started hitting the Ozark hills and we actually had to pull over because it would overheat from going up the hills haha it was actually a lot more fun this way I think, especially because it gave us time to rest since we were a bit hung over.

Dude still drives it though haha always makes me laugh when we all meet up for drinks after working and he is in a nice suit and in a beat up POS Jeep.
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