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Default Buying flies on a budget...

Hello everyone! I'm very new to fly fishing and have been acquiring my gear over the past year. Last summer my in-laws started a new business in Maine and my wife and I are hoping to visit for a month or two since she is a teacher and I work from home due to health issues, so I should hopefully get s lot of time on the water...

I think I have most of the essential gear but now it's time to figure out which flies I need. In a perfect world I'd buy from a local fly shop when we arrive, but I know I can't afford to buy all my stuff there. I'm hoping to spend some time in the shop getting to know the guys there and possibly take a fly casting class if it's not too costly.

Anyways, I was wondering where the best place online or otherwise is to buy well-made cheap flies? I'm going to try and go out fishing daily if possible so how many should I have to start off with? And how many types should I attempt to get?

Sorry if this is not permitted (just let me know if it's not), but if anyone has any old, beat up, junky flies they want to get rid of and sell for cheap please let me know! I'm really on a tight budget from past hospital bills and don't have a lot to offer right now but my birthday is in a week and should have a little to spend.


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I forgot, I also wanted to ask if tying your own flies is a wise investment to save money or is it about the same as buying them tied already?

And if this is a route to look at, what does a basic setup consist of and what will it all cost?

Also,I have big hands and pretty clumsy fingers... is it hard to tie such tiny objects or is it easier than it looks?

Thanks again!
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