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Default Re: Flyfishing adventures--a shameless boast

Originally Posted by Flyfisher for men View Post
Here's the overall goal--fish every county in my home state of Kansas (at least the ones that have public water). I've been sort of working on it--I'm a priest and get sent out to different places for ministry. I work in fishing as I can.

As my thread on float tubes indicates, I'm thinking of buying one. A float tube opens up all kinds of little lakes and ponds.

I'm also in graduate school (History, Kansas State) and need to do some research this summer. I perfected a good scheme last summer--find a campground near an archives, research in the day, fish the evenings. I'm thinking of hitting some local archives on one trip. A day or two researching in each place and a chance to explore some new waters in each location. (Not to mention being able to put the gas, food, and camp fees on the education budget rather than my own!)
I'm planning on studying for the bar in a similar way - I want to work it so this summer I have only two distractions, study and fishing during low light. My plan is to get in the truck and head west, do a lot of camping, come in to small public libraries midday to get on the net, and hit locations like silver creek, the gunnison, green, probably ending up somewhere near the deschutes and then flying back to take the exam.
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