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Default Re: When Did Life's "C Words" Go Out Of Style?

Common sense has been long gone sadly, most people my age are about as smart the toilet paper roll in your bathroom. For courtesy I was raised to open doors and I actually still say sir and ma'am due to my grandmother and grandfather making me, it is a rare thing, and I find it funny girls my age find opening the car door as impressive when I go out on dates, it is truly sad.

For craftsmanship, I blame people wanting more for less, there is only easy way to cutting costs, that is making the product cheaper, which means using cheaper parts, cheaper labor, etc. I also blame greed for this, I watch people either try to act like they have money so they look like something or people with money look like idiots.

I will never understand this, why people place money before just about everything, yet claim to care for their family, but I could bet you many of those would push their own family over for a few 100k, and maybe I am just this way because of how i was raised and how I find making money very easy, but I also work my butt off, and I definitely believe I earn every dollar I have.

To me this world is going in the wrong direction, I could go on forever about why I think this, but I am tired, I have been up for about two days and been on more planes than my butt can handle.

To end, fly fishing is my escape as I have said probably many times on here, being out on a stream where nothing matters, I have even caught myself just standing out there just staring at my surroundings, I think a lot of people forget to appreciate that these days and get caught up in just catching fish. To me I like the simple life, my business life is crazy, but organized, my home life is simple. I have my hobbies and I have my friends/family. I am a happy person.
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