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Default Re: Buying flies on a budget...

Originally Posted by crohnie31 View Post
Anyways, I was wondering where the best place online or otherwise is to buy well-made cheap flies? I'm going to try and go out fishing daily if possible so how many should I have to start off with? And how many types should I attempt to get?
Hey crohnie, If I were you I would dial in what bugs you need for your trip and then have newby or hairwing set you up, sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Its really hard to say how many flies you will need, you'll figure that one out when you get there....but a few of each should get you started.

Originally Posted by crohnie31 View Post
[/COLOR]I forgot, I also wanted to ask if tying your own flies is a wise investment to save money or is it about the same as buying them tied already?

And if this is a route to look at, what does a basic setup consist of and what will it all cost?
I don't know if it is the wise investment but if you are feeling that this is something you are going to be doing for the long haul, then I think that it could be looked at as an investment. Your investment relies on your interest, need and time. If you have lots of that you should be fine, it may take years for you to catch up but every year after that your saving. If your tying bench sits lonely and doesn't get attention then obviously its not much of an investment.

The true investment comes with the "Pride" and sense of accomplishment that comes with catching fish on your own flies. Ultimately its an investment in you.

Originally Posted by crohnie31 View Post
Also,I have big hands and pretty clumsy fingers... is it hard to tie such tiny objects or is it easier than it looks?

Thanks again!

Good Luck!
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