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Don't go any longer than you have to, or any shorter than needed. It's already been pointed out in this thread that bass aren't leader shy (although they can be angler shy.
Sure -- I'd also add "don't go lighter than is necessary for the fish, conditions and equipment used."

Obviously you're having no problems with your method, so no one can argue.

I just object to being called an idiot (basically -- though not by you) for suggesting that someone use 8-12 pound tippet for bass whenever it's common practice and works fine. It sounds stupid to even print it honestly.....

I may experiment with some hand-tied tapered leaders again now that I've gone so long with only level leaders. Why not?....Dan convinced me to learn to tie blood knots better, so I may put it to good use.

I'm not using 3x though, that's too light for my taste .
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