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Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

I carry two C&F boxes and a wheatley box. I think all three are worth every penny and I have had them for years. The only C&F box I ever had a problem with is the one I left on the back of my truck and drove away. Damed thing never followed me home!

One C&F has foam on the top and bottom with full length slits and holds all my streamers. The second C&F box has the small slits and a center part for three sides total and it holds my dries. The Wheatley with the center section and sold foam has a total of four sides and holds all my nymphs.

I couldn't figure a way to fit all the 20 to 26 sized nymph's I use into a C&F box. The wheatley usually goes inside my waders.
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