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Originally Posted by turbineblade View Post
3x tippet for bass?

If I were tying a tapered leader for bass (or any warm water species) I'd probably do a 20 > 15 > 8 pound mono (0.11 diameter = 0x) or even 10-12 pound mono.

3x tippet works to about 0.08 dia = 4 pound test. This is FAR smaller than is necessary for this target. I definitely take your word for it and I'm sure you've had plenty of success with it, but have you considered increasing your tippet size just to experiment? Shoot, I'll fish 8-10 pound mono along all kinds of snags on the bottom without worry .

The abrasion resistance you get going from 4x to 3x is nothing compared to what you'd get going from 3x to 8-10 pound mono!
Not trying to be a knob or anything, this is meant as constructive criticism, please use it in the manner that its intended.

To you it might be a small detail, but for someone who worked with small details its not. You need to learn to write decimals correctly.

0.11 is almost a 1/8 of an inch, 1/8(.125) of inch, that's some heavy stuff fit for anything that swims! I'm thinking you mean .011, lot of difference in those 2 numbers.
0.08 is over 3/64 (.078)of an inch, 1/16 of an inch is .062. Again, I'm thinking you mean .008.
your always off by one decimal place, I'm pretty sure, as I can't read your mind to be positive.
It's hard to swing others with your arguments when your math is off an acre of a**holes!
And one more thing, 3x is approx. 8lb test.
Thank you for reading my points.
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