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0.11 is almost a 1/8 of an inch, 1/8(.125) of inch, that's some heavy stuff fit for anything that swims! I'm thinking you mean .011, lot of difference in those 2 numbers.
0.08 is over 3/64 (.078)of an inch, 1/16 of an inch is .062. Again, I'm thinking you mean .008.
your always off by one decimal place, I'm pretty sure, as I can't read your mind to be positive.
It's hard to swing others with your arguments when your math is off an acre of a**holes!
And one more thing, 3x is approx. 8lb test.
Thank you for reading my points.
I just checked my pack and yes, you are correct! My bad.

3x is usually 0.008 dia, which works out to usually 4 pound test mono diameter, though my maxima 4 pound is actually 0.007.

What they print on the box might be "3x - 8 pound test" because they're (over)-estimating its breaking strength to be 8 pounds. My experience is that regular mono is the same in this regard, as the 4 pound test maxima breaks much higher than 4 pounds, and I've measured the 8 pound test to break at 11-12 pounds.

I recently read some huge summary of the common tippet spool "breaking strength" claims and the results were pretty much the same -- all of them print a higher breaking strength than what they claim on the packaging.

My choice is to use regular mono that I've used for years and am comfortable with, but it's just a preference thing.

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