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ditz, I use to take regular Spring trips to E. Tenn. Most of my time was spent chasing trout on the South Holston and the Watauga, but I had some other favorites. I don't know if you've ever been to Sevierville or Pigeon Forge, but there's some good carp water there that I fished in early April. Lots of fly fishing in April in Tenn. I liked chasing the White bass runs and fishing Melton Hill and Kingston for stripers. I think Kingston is still out of the question, after the ash pond disaster. If you want specific info, send me a message- I have friends whose spots I wouldn't burn on an open forum. I've also seen some huge ones on the Lower Holston I tried for while
floating for early smallies. A friend who guides there is starting to target carp . For early carp, look for flats and mud banks that hold crayfish and warm up quick in the spring sun. I think I just told you what fly to use... Sunny days in the afternoon work best. You may also have to fish dingy water and fish by feel after spotting carp movements. I know that's pretty unpopular, but it's been productive for me, and my only choice in many places. Sometimes all you'll see is a bulge in the water. Carp displace a lot. I've fished with some excellent carp flyfisherman in Ca. that consistently fish waters with very low visibility. Learn to look for small clues.

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