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Default Re: My mind is so confused!!!

Don't be confused we all know that there is at least one dumb fish to be fooled.

While I agree with what has been said and I see the point, I feel the problem with the story is that he begins to talk about the Henrys Fork and then suddenly jumps over to the South Fork.

I would guess the guide was talking about the Ranch section when he said “we don’t do that here” because I know plenty of people are throwing streamers on the rest of the Fork.

Personally I thought the narcissism comment was rather suiting, especially when he said “I did and I am”
Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of his post… Oh and I’m sure there is no ego with a email name like “badmotherF*&ker”

What is he doing on a photo shoot with a guide, no gear and only minutes to fish anyways….

Funny write up, but to put down people to prove a point kind of makes me think ego.
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