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Default Re: Casting Winston BIIIx in wind conditions

Originally Posted by jpbfly View Post the forum...can't help you although I often fish in windy conditions(over 100kmph)...don't have a WinstonI'm sure some members will advise you
Thanks, I've been lurking around for a while but never had anything to say.

I have my self been using Guideline rods with my fishing during the last 5-6 and have been happy with the gear so far. Just got my self a Guideline Lpxe 7wt Switch rod but have yet to decide if I'm keeping it. If the Winston BIIIx ends with me I'll probably sell my switch rod and my Guideline Fario 6wt (and then get a Guideline Fario 10' 4wt for light nymph fishing)

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