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Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

Originally Posted by wt bash View Post
Is half the cr@p we buy actually worth it? Simple answer NO
Ain't that the truth!

Getting back to the fly box, I appreciate that the Japanese designer deserves complete respect for his initial design, and I would think by now, he must be a very rich man, good for him.
But lets think about it, what is the real cost of a small C&F box, two dollars? We pay RRP $40, I know we have the initial tooling up to consider, shipment, middlemen etc, but there is still a massive profit there, how many years has C&F held that design, 10?
Now the patents are exhausted, and a multitude of others are offering an identical box for $8, and that's after shipment, tooling, middlemen etc, is it because Chinese labour is that much less than Japanese? I doubt it.
The real price of these fly boxes is now on offer to the angler, if you choose to buy the identical box at the lower price, is entirely up to the individual, I suppose your conscience plays a part in the final decision, only you can decide.
The game fishing market has been big money for many years, as soon as the word fly fishing appears, it's twice the price of coarse fishing.
Wading boots, clothing, all the same, silly prices for something that can be bought for a lot less in a decent outdoor shop, as long as the labels don't upset you.
It's a fact of life now, we have competition from China, and there is no bigger tackle tart, logo lover than me, I have and do pay top dollar for what I want, but I can honestly say that the Chinese reel I bought from the link I put up, has been utterly trouble free, and has played some superb fish in the last three seasons for me, and still looks like new, unlike two Greys Streamlite reels and one Hardy CC, which have both been repaired twice, and cost three times the price.
It makes you think.

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