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Default Re: For Bonefish, Bass and surf 8wt rod

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
The reason it helps to know where you will be fishing is that bonefishing tackle encompasses at least as much variation relative to habitat as trout fishing does. For example, you are visiting West Palm and what?, booking a guide in Biscayne Bay, voyaging to Bimini or driving to Islamorada? Very different situations. Wading or fishing from a skiff, different too. The more we know the more help we can offer. I will say though that you have good taste in potential tackle choices but line weight and reel choices factor in here too. Rarely is the same rod great on flats as well as for chucking big flies for bass.
Thank you for the insight, the reason why I couldn't be specific is because I haven't had the guide or the exact time line out yet for that trip.
My reel will be the Lamson Litespeed 3.5X, I haven't decided on what line yet. I want one of these 2 rods to be my rod for my bigger flies and for surf fishing. Currently I only have the Helios 5wt and I will only be buying 1 more rod only for all my fly fishing.

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Originally Posted by pegboy1 View Post
Just pointing out that if you stay in West Palm Beach your not going to find any Bonefish.
Noted, thank you for your insight.
I haven't booked a guide yet. We might even flying further down south to fish something else. Right now what I am trying to do is finding a nice enough rod to cover various species.

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Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
No, but an 8 weight is still good for the snook, jacks, reds, etc. that you are more likely to see. And if you do go further afield on a bonefish expedition, it's good for that too.

I haven't fished with either the H2 or the One. I have only test cast the 8 weight H2 at a fishing show for a few minutes. I would have to say, though, that both are very high-quality, high-performance rods capable of doing everything a saltwater 8 is expected to do. Choosing one over the other is going to be purely a matter of personal preference. (It's like asking which is a better car for highway driving, a BMW or an Audi?) If you can't compare them both side-by-side before you buy, pick the brand you have more familiarity with (for me that would be the Orvis), or the one your local fly shop has the better relationship with (in case of warranty or exchange issues after the sale). If you don't have a local fly shop or a brand preference, find the one (not necessarily the One) with the cheapest price online and take your chances.

S&S is also correct to point out that a stiff flats rod is not going to be the best choice for freshwater bass bugging. (To extend the car analogy, you can get an Audi Quattro, and it may somewhat be more versatile than a BMW rear-drive, but it wouldn't necessarily be your best choice for regular off-roading.) If you are going to try to do both with only one rod, I guess I would suggest choosing a medium-fast rod rather than a very fast one. I suspect that might lean you toward the H2 over the One, but I don't really know.
Yes, it was a dilemma for me to choose between the 7wt or the 8wt. But I don't want to have too many fly rods. I am just starting up and fly rods are more expensive than the Shimano Cumulus. I am the kind of person who just buy once and beat the dang out of it.

I might gonna take a risk on the One if I didn't read S&S review about it. S&S wrote that it was too stiff and we need to be very technical to use it. HUH? Me? Technical? I'll go with the H2 that is more forgiving.

btw, BMW all the way, mate.
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