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Default Re: Down eye vs straight eye

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
If you do some searching you'll find other threads discussing this is great detail, sometimes with great passion.

I don't think about it too much and use both. The one time I prefer a down-eye over a straight eye is when tying parachute patterns, since it gives me a touch more room between the hackle and the hook eye. But I'll happily tie them on straight eyes if it's what I have around. I like the look of down-eyes better personally, but don't think it matters fishing.
That confirms that I still suck at using the search function. I tried searching "down eye hooks" and it just gave me search results for "hooks".

Thanks. Now that I think about it, the down-eye flies do look better.

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Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
My feeling as well. Beck before the days of gossamer nylon monofilament tippets and improved clinch knots, an up- or down- eye was needed to set a Turle knot properly. You would often see dries from that era tied with an up-eye and wets with a down-eye, for reasons that I don't really understand. Now that thinner nylon makes knots like the Improved Clinch possible, though, the position of the eye against the shank doesn't direct the position of the leader, so the bent eye is no longer necessary. But it's still traditional.
I have no idea what gossamer nylon or a Turle knot is, but I'll take your word for it.

Sometimes it is best not to mess with tradition.
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