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Default Rainy Day Wonder

I've been attempting to design a 'gill fly that would catch fish of all sizes in most weather conditions, and in different water depths, and I think I've finally got it!!Tried it out yesterday for about 45min. in 50 degree rain and it caught fish from around 1 & 1/2in all the way to 8". Heres the pattern.

Rainy Day Wonder

Hook: standard wetfly or nymph, 10-14
Thread: Colour to match body, 8/0
Tail: Black, Olive, or Brown marabou, very short
Body: Four or five marabou strands, twisted and wrapped, colour matching tail
Rib:Silver or Gold wire, opoen wrapped
Eyes: Beadchain, colur to match rib
Head: Thread

1. Start thread and tie on eyes, wrap to hook bend

2. Tie in tail, then ribbing, the marabou for the body

3. Wrap marabou to behind the eyes , then counter wrap ribbing, trying not to pin down the fuzzy marabou.

4. Tie off ribbing, build up head in frontf eyes, and whip finish.

Notes: This fly can bedragged in the shallows like a nymph, as the fly rides hook point up, or you can fish it as a streamer in deeper water. Tight Lines!!
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