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Default Re: Galvan Brookie

Well, I got the Brookie in the mail today. I will say the mill work, finish, and build of the reel is awesome. However, I am thinking about returning it. This is the picture that I wanted to see and was my biggest fear:

Click the image to open in full size.

The spool simply rotates around one fixed spindle with a plastic plunger pushing against the inside of the spool to create the drag. They never show this in any of their pictures and I wonder why? The "Innovative Click Ball system" is just a sprung ball bearing pressing against the ridges on the face of the spindle and does not have anything to do with the drag...just the noise making.

My worries are as follows:

How will this plastic nub wear?
If Galvan stops making them and it wears out, what do I do?
If God forbid Galvan went out of business, what would I do?

The is super light and really well made, I just worry a little about the design and long term durability. What does everyone else think?

Lastly, the O-ring that seals the "drag" is fixed to the spindle and the spool rotates around it...should I make sure and keep a little lube on this O-ring so that the spool rotating around it does not wear it out?

It is probably going to need replaced as part of the maintenance. If lube or water get to the inside and get on the "drag nub" it will adversly affect the drag for have to be careful there.

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