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Arrow Mista_Bob's Glitter Midge

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Mista_Bob's Glitter Midge

This is my all-time most productive fly by a mile. Like I said in the "What Are You Tying Thread," I've caught rainbows, browns, brook, cutthroat, kokanee, chubs, suckers, sculpin, and minnows using this fly. It works year round, every year, everywhere out here in Idaho. It's a ridiculous fly that's ridiculously effective.

Hook: Umpqua U202 Size 10-20 (cheap, but sinfully sharp)
Glass Bead sized to hook (I prefer translucent rainbow color)
Lead behind the bead - a couple wraps
Red Thread of any sort (I prefer flat waxed)
Wet and Wild - Wild Shine Glitter Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Pretty straightforward to make. Tie as usual, gloss it with a couple layers of Wet and Wild Glitter nail polish, let dry for ~10 mins then coat with a couple layers of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Personally to save time, I will tie up a dozen or so at once, hang them all by the hook point or pin them in place, then gloss with glitter, wait, then use SHHAN. Otherwise it'll take forever to finish a dozen flies.

Yes, I use glitter nail polish. Yes, it's amazingly effective, much more than a red zebra midge. Like I said, it's silly, but it works. You're welcome!
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