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Default Re: Lamson Litespeed 2??

I have 2 rods (8wt SH and 7wt DH) with litespeeds on them. Also 2 8wt SH with konics on them. All are used for steelhead, lake run browns, coho and king salmon. So they have seen their share of line peeled off and wound back on. I never watch the line while winding. I have never seen or experienced this issue with them. Maybe its an issue if you put too much line on the reel or you are running the line thru your hand when you wind line on the spool. I never touch the line when I'm fighting a fish as long as the fish is "on the reel". I have seen others run the line thru their fingers with the hand that is holding the rod so they can manually manipulate the line with drag. I never understood this myself, after all what is the drag on the reel for? I tend to think that line wound on a reel will naturally tend to run somewhat level, not bunch up on one side unless there is external guidance on the line forcing it to one side.

Thanks for the concern, but the as far as I'm concerned its not an issue. I like the lamson reels I have and will buy another when I need another reel.
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