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Default Re: 2013 8-Weight Challenge: What's the Best Saltwater Fly Reel?

Originally Posted by Damo View Post

Really like the review, must have been a lot of hard work. A quick question - I´m interested in getting a Cheeky Mojo. On their web site it states that the drag is sealed but in your test you said that it wasn´t. What´s the score?


Damian F

I just heard from them - it is sealed - I've updated the results.

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Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
I'm curious why the Lamson Guru placed so high in your rankings if you think it really isn't a saltwater-capable drag.

If you considered the Guru and the Sage 1880, I would also have liked to have seen how the Orvis Access reel compares. They sell a lot of those for saltwater use, at a similar price point. And I'm surprised at the omission of the Nautilus, which seems to be Hatch's most direct competitor.

The scores were calculated by an algorithm, but essentially, price was a big component in the overall scoring, because, fundamentally, we believe you should get what you pay for.

I can't comment on the Access, but the older generation of Orvis (Mid-Arbor, Large Arbor) were very weak in the drag department.
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