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Animas Valley Anglers is a topnotch guide service! Just wanted to start with that. I'm new to the forum and enjoying all that I have seen so far. I started to poke around to get a feel and quickly found this post regarding some of my favorite waters and the guides that fish them. The guys at Animas Valley Anglers are indeed some of the best in the guide industry. They do not have a store front, just a guide service. Will, the owner, always seems to build a custom trip for me and my angling partners. We end up on the best waters for that time of year. I try to get in two or three trips a year to southwest Colorado. We have fished the San Juan QW (mostly in the winter and spring) Animas, Dolores, Mountain Streams, Pine (fantastic private waters) and the Rio Grande. I have gotten to know these guys pretty well. I have fished with Will, Chris, Tim, Marc and Josh. They all have fished that area for what seems like forever, but are not old, grumpy or stuck in their ways. They have a young energy for so much experience. I think 2013 is their 13th season. Will has been guiding the region since '92 or '93. There are a couple new faces I noticed on their site and we will be meeting them in the next couple months. Knowing Will, they will be solid guides. Our second trip of the year will be on the San Juan, Root Pond, Dolores and Pine River some time in late April or early May. Still working on the details. Our first trip of the year was a few weeks ago. I based in Durango and fished the San Juan for two days and the Animas for one. The Juan fished well, but was impressed with the winter fishing on the Animas. Blown away by how big some of the fish were. Click the blog link below to see a collection of shots from the week I was there. As for guide rates they seem about average for the San Juan and a bit more for the trips in Colorado. I'm careful were I spend my fishing vacation money, but will never skimp on guides. Just my two pennies.

Anyway, back to the bench to crank out a few more buggers.

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