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Default Bass Fly Help

Beginner fly fisher here with some questions about a warm water set up. I got into fly fishing about a year ago and have really fell in love with it this past winter. I've devoted alot of time tying my own flies and working on my casting and what not and had a couple questions I could use some help with. While I know in the colder months, trout is the best fish to go after (which is what ive been doing) the warmer months is when bass fishing (SM & LMB) really picks up. I did alot of fishing this past summer in a local creek and caught tons of bass, gills and even some gar on my cabelas 5 wt and had a blast. Recently I purchased a new 5 wt. set up and sold my other one. I got an echo carbon with some 5 wt rio gold and an allen trout 2. Ive used this set up to present size 20 dries to trout and when the weather warms up, I want to use the same set up for bass and bream fishing. Here in st. louis I've never caught a bass over 5 lbs so buying a 7-8 wt right now, with just starting out an all seems kind of pointless to me. I wont be hurling anything too huge, maybe some decent size streamers and some poppers on the mineral fork and simaler waters. Was wondering if just buying an extra spool and using some bass taper line and possibly over lining would help cast larger flies? Whats the difference between my rio gold and a bass taper line? Also I take an annual trip to sanibel island every summer and wanted to do some fly fishing for maybe some lady fish, would over lining help throw some streamers to them? Again I want to use what Ive already got, not buy a whole new set up. Any advise will greatly help since I'm still new to the sport. Thanks!
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