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Default Re: skeena drainage bums

Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
Hey there,

I too am hoping to get to the Morice or Skeena from Calgary around the end os Sept. or early Oct. for the first time. I have picked a new Spey rod (Scot 13ft 8 wt) and hope to try my hand at Spey fishing as well as my 9/10 wt fly rods.
I am planning to take my tent trailer and camp and I also have a 11' zodiac with a 10hp to check out the rivers.
My travel dates are flexable and I wouldn't mind trying to hook up (no pun intended) with some others. I can't seem to convince my buddies here to make the trip.
I would also be interested in a swap for the steelhead areas in exchange for some fishing on the Bow river here in and around Calgary.
I would also welcome any adivice or tips for staying/fishing the area.

BJ... You will have a great time! Make sure to bring dry flies for this period. I suggest that you rig up your 138 with a scandi head system with a variety of tips. Bring some general steelhead wet flies; big stinger hook flies, small singles around size 4 as follow up flies, tubes if you have em. Let me know if you want more specific pattern info. If you bring your trailer there will be lots of places to camp. At the time you will be here all the rivers should be fishing well and you will have miles and miles of river to choose from. Have fun! Cheers.
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