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Default Re: Fishing the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra

Thanks everyone for the advice. Lots of great info here, especially on that link planettrout. It makes sense that I really should go to a fly shop and test cast different rods, but I am a sucker for the Cabela's RLS+ rod/reel combo that's on sale for $150 too good to be true? It seems like for the normal price of the reel you get a free rod. I've read a few recommendations for 3-5wt setups for the High Sierra, almost all with 7 1/2' rods, although I have noticed that the wind can be pretty constant up there like k9mark and pilgrimdg said. If the RLS+ rod doesn't work out it looks like I would end up with a decent reel for the price and could just replace the rod with something better/more appropriate.

At least I know what flies to bring now!
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