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David, I use a chest pack/backpack when carp fishing and as long as I have a couple of fly boxes in the chest packs to counterbalance the weight of the net it's OK. A little pain if busting through brush. If I'm hiking with it (something I do a lot ) I have a 60 lb. mono loop at the top of the hoop, so I carry the net backwards. Rides better that way. I also wrap the lanyard around the handle and hoop when I hook it at the handle end so it doesn't hang low. The Frabill isn't very heavy, so I imagine it would work fine hung upside down with a net magnet system. I stopped using those because my net kept getting torn off my back going through brush. I've put carp, salmon and steelhead to 25 lbs, in the net without the least problem.
Whatever you decide to use, I hope we get to see some nice carp in it.

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