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Default Rod grip style, and Lefty's principles

Hi - I was fortunate to get to watch (and meet) Lefty this weekend at a fly tie festival in MD. He did a casting demo, and my wife got to actually cast with him for a bit -- which I was extremely happy about . He's a spry fly fisherman!

Anyway, it's hard to argue with LEfty's methods when you've watched him cast, but I had 2 points:

1. Lefty advocates a thumb on top position, and to always have the thumb facing the target on the other side of the rod grip.

2. He also advocates the "eblow on the shelf" technique, which would seem to eliminate arm-position factors from messing up your cast.

Here's my problems with these 2:

- Thumb on top and pointing directly away on all casts kills my wrists. Particularly on a more "side arm" cast, the thumb in this position feels VERY unnatural to me, and after 3 hours of it my wrist was sore...far more so than I've ever experienced before.

- The elbow on the shelf, when wading the larger streams that I fish (ones that you wade up to your stomach or chest) results in hitting yourself with the fly occasionally and/or *barely being able to clear the water behind you on the backcast. And yes, I end up backcast abruptly and at an upward angle.

From what I can tell, these two things are not compatible with how I fish .

For grip, I prefer a "v-grip" and/or index finger on top. I almost never have my thumb in the position described above....most likely because it feels uncomfortable!

For my elbow, I frequently must cast with my arm outward, and I nearly always have to raise the elbow on the forward cast to clear my skull with warm water flies.

Anyone else find this?

No disrespect to Lefty -- he's a great guy and excellent caster.
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