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Default Competing with other sportspeople for carp

My carp flats on tribs of the Hudson are starting to have quite a few bowfishers on them. Not only are many of the large carp ending up as dried skeletons in the weeds, the surviving carp are starting to avoid many areas. Some places I just didn't even bother with in the past 5 years, as they are very sparsely populated now. I spent this past weekend on a recon mission to find some potential new spots. Some will require the kayak to get to before wade fishing. Another spot I fished in the past has been found by eastern European immigrants and is now heavily fished with bait and buckets. This bothers me less than the wasteful bowfishing. Several lakes I've fished east of San Diego encourage their eradication. I caught a bunch of kids chasing them up a shallow creek with baseball bats at one . The carnage was incredible. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of competition where they fish?

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