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Default Re: Hello from South Western Ontario...

BigCliff- Thanks for the ideas on rod choice. Echo rods seem to get a lot of recommendations. I am hoping to get a chance to hit a local store and try out a bunch of rods to see which one grabs me. Then I definitely look for the best deal avaiable for that particular rod. I really don't want to just order something without getting a feel for it first.

I used to be a buy local advocate until I got burned this spring when buying a steel head rod. The biggest problem I had with any local stores is that they bought their product when the U.S. dollar was high against the Canadian dollar so they seem to be charging about a 50% premium which is no longer fair as the dollar is down to about 12% right now. When I mentioned this to the store owners they just sort of shrugged it off when I was looking for that steelhead float rod in the spring. Since it was only a hundred bucks I supported the small guy for that purchase. When I found out I could have mail ordered the exact same rod for under 60.00 total including shipping and taxes I decided to look after myself first next time. While , I sort of feel bad about using a local store to make the choice of rod I am not going to pay a 30% or higher cost just because they got squeezed by the change in the exchange rate and have stock that is sitting there over a year later....
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