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Default Re: what would you buy??

You will find that you will be using dubbing material for most of your flies. You can make a small tool to twist your loop of waxed thread containing your dubbing. There are dubbing twisters you can buy too.

Overton's sticky wax to make dubbing a lot easier.

The empty barrel from a ball point pen is excellent for packing deer body hair on the hook shank. You can also buy tools for this. It's also a great tool for making a quick half hitch knot or two when needed.

In stead of buying clear lacquer by the tiny bottles sold in the fly tying boutique, buy it in 1 pint cans at your local hardware store. Also buy lacqueur thinner in 1 pint container.

Buy one of those small plastic lacquer applicators with the long thin tube. It's easy and fast when it comes to apply lacquer to your fly. However, since the plastic does allow the vapours from the lacquer to escape (the tiny molecules from the vapour can escape through the plastic) you will have to dilute your lacquer every now and then with the lacquer thinner.

Filling the small plastic bottle is easy....just depress it and stick the needle into the liquid and the bottle will slowly draw up the liquid on it's own.

What's nice about the plastic bottle with the long thin tube is the fact that if you knock it over, you will not create a mess.

Buy a battery operated vacuum cleaner to clean up loose fibers.
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