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Default Re: Competing with other sportspeople for carp

I understand that on a Fly fishing board such as this, I may get some negative interpretations of my character. Please read this post thoroughly before coming to that judgement.

I'm one of the guys who also bowfish for carp, and also tremendously enjoy fly fishing for them. There usually my main target while fly-fishing, and I really do enjoy fly-fishing for them. When I bowfish for them, I personally do not waste them. I have river front property, and compost what I take. Every year I compost the carp I take, and in late fall I spread the compost throughout the yard.

My thoughts are, that I would rather use this natural fertilizer, than some chemical alternative, especially since I live so close to a major waterway. In my area, the asian carp have become a major nuisance, and this what I concentrate my efforts on. I do also take commons, as I also view them as an invasive species. If the DNR asked me to stop, I would agree.

I'm not affiliated with this video, and it does not contain any bowfishing whatsoever, so please view its contents. It just gives an example, of what the bio-mass in my home waters has become. This video shows the the area in which the fox meets the IL river in Ottawa IL, fast forward to the 55 second mark to get an idea where my view points are derived from.

Note: Mute the sound, as there may be some language in this video that is better off not heard.

I have a piece of land just a few blocks from where this video was shot, and over the years these invasive species have really put a damper on the ability to catch native fish using traditional methods. Do to their overwhelming bio-mass in the river system, they have been choking out many of the other species.

As with any angling practices, I think there is a difference between being responsible, and being Ir-responsible. I do not associate my practices within the 2nd category.

I think a lot of ones opinions, get formed from ones own local eco-system. While traveling Alaska, I saw signs that asked not to return any northern pike back into the waters, as they were deemed an undesirable species. Coming from IL, to me that just sounded weird, if one was caught on that trip I would have cooked it up.

Note: I come to this board to discuss fly fishing, and will not make a practice of straying off that topic of discussion, as I do understand the intentions of this board. I just wanted to respond to this topic, and explain my personnel view points on the topic being discussed.

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