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Default Reel Idea...

Im looking at reels to put on my single hand 8 weight. I have a St. Aidan that I really like and use mostly on my switch but there will be times where I am going to be using the switch and my wife, father or someone else will be chasing largemouth, shad or stripers next to me. We cannot both use the same reel so Im on the hunt for a good deal on, probably, another older Hardy. I know that there are better drag systems out there but the ability to rebuild and durability of the Hardys appeals to me.

While doing this, I had a thought. Has there ever been a reel with interchangeable spools that can handle, say, everything from a 4 weight up to maybe 9? With alloys, bearings and drag systems being self contained, why couldnt the reel act as the receiver for multiple different spool sizes? That way, you could buy one receiver and then just buy a spool for a 4/5/6 for a trout day and then slap on, to the same receiver, a 7/8/9 spool for a salt day? Does this exist?
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