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Default Re: Clutch - New Fly Rod Company

Hi Guys...this is Lee Janik from Clutch Fly Rods, and I figured that now might be a good time to jump in and introduce myself and our Company to those of you who have yet to hear about us. It IS true that we are a new company in our infancy so to speak. This being said, to those of you that own your own businesses understand fully that there are many areas that need continuous attention and funding as we build our brand. The first and most important area of attention is our product itself. We are investing in the quality of the product as well as the production, and are completely focused on offering the absolute best product possible, and so far the feedback that we are receiving from industry professionals confirms that we are achieving this goal. We also fully understand that although marketing is important, we wanted to invest our time, effort, and funding in producing a solid product to build our brand on before we invested that time and money into making sure everyone knew who we were. We intend for Clutch Fly Rods to be a common name in the Fly Fishing Industry one day...and we are fully aware that it will not happen within the first year, probably won't even happen in the next few years to be honest, but we are absolutely aware of this. So, those of you that havent heard of us, we are now introducing ourselves to the forum.

As far as product "testimonials" so to speak, there will be increasing press on our product as we move forward. We currently are represented in many Fly Shops across the country, with many more on "the waiting list" to cary Clutch Products, and I am sure that we will represented in most states before the end of 2013. The response from our continuously growing dealer network has been outstanding. We would be honored for you to stop by your local shops and check us out, or ask for us if we are not already on the rod rack...honestly our product really speaks for itself, our rods are actually better salesmen than we are, and that is the reason that a fly rod at our price point is being picked up by well known and respected Fly Shops. Please be patient with us as we move forward, we have been committed to making sure our products and services are the best that they can be, before we "told the world that they were". The comments regarding our website are also on point. Our website absolutely needs updated information as it was built over 4 months ago, we have actually come a long way in that short amount of time...better product pics, testimonials from Clutch Fly Rod Owners, Clutch Dealer Lists, and technical information, etc., are all on the to-do list. So, please keep checking back for the information that you are looking for, because it should be there shortly. I can also tell you that our company is being built with customer service being as important as producing a quality product. If you send in a information request from the website, an email, or even a private message on Facebook, I promise that you will be contacted very very quickly...and if you call us, you will aslo be pleasantly surprised that we WILL answer your call if we are available, but we will also return it if you leave a message. We are in this for the long haul guys...we have a solid product, but we intended to build a solid foundation before we promised something that we couldn't deliver. Well, we can begin to promote ourselves on a larger scale now that the foundation has been built, so please keep an eye out for us...we always appreciate any feedback that you may have, so let us know your thoughts...we are always available. We thank you, and look forward to talking to you as we move forward...Lee
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