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Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

Thanks guys for you messages !

You re all right when you say "I have to call them" but, I don't really have a good english. When I talk with a guy in front of me it's ok (or with this forum), but with the phone, problems beguins....

Will from Fishwest, seems to be a good guy, but I feel like a dumbass with this....

I thinks, if they had a good custumer thoughts, they will NEVER send me the old Echo model, just email me, and say "hey Ben, we don't have the rod you want, what can we do ?" but they send me the old Echo model (at $ 100 in Caddisflyshop for exemple) but I pay $189.95 for the new one. And the worts, the ask ME too send the wrong rod back, I have to pay (but make a refund when they receive the rod)

Now, I'm waiting.... I don't even know where the rod is ! (F*** french Post too !) and Fishwest have my money.

It's a shame, cause I order 2 o 3 times at Fishwest and never have troubles. Unfortunatly, I think I will never order at this shop again.
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