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Default Re: Rod grip style, and Lefty's principles

Originally Posted by team7x View Post
The thumb on top--as I see it--encourages the caster to stop at the top, use more shoulder and elbow motion and helps in keeping the change in wrist-to-grip angle to a minimum.
I don't find this to be the case -- at all. I can MUCH more easily become "too wristy" with the thumb directly on top versus a v or finger grip.

For example, I can simply raise my right hand and without any thought or effort, make my thumb point backwards like a hitchhiker, parallel to the ground.

The v-grip most closely resembles how I'd throw a baseball and is very comfortable. The thumb on top and always pointing in line with the target is how I'd hit a volleyball but held higher.

Maybe people are just built differently..?

I think my take-home message here so far is that it doesn't really make a damn how you hold the stupid rod, it's much more about what your casting looks like regardless of how you hold it
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