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Default Re: Tapered Leaders - which brand has least memory?

Originally Posted by runningfish View Post
I am using the SA 9ft mono leader as backup for my home made furled leaders.
Actually I just used it last weekend when the wind started to pick up (honestly, after I got a painful kiss on the left cheek from #10 ghost streamer) and I needed to roll cast more than ever. It turn that streamer & sneaky pete way better than my mono furled leaders could in the same windy condition.
I don't own a proper leader straightener, so I dipped the entire line in the water and straighten it in the water first time and then the second time again above the water.
If it helps, I have found that the trick to straightening mono-leaders is heat. That is all the proper leader straightener does is create friction. I am a tradesman so the skin of my hands is hard, and I opt to just use my fingers. I find this works better for me, but use caution the line will cut you! Anyhow I have found it a pain to try to straighten a wet leader due to the lack of friction.
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