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Default Re: Switch rod for bass fishing?

A spey rod lets you do things you cant do with a switch or single hand rod. It will let with you fish with you back tight to cover and thrown the entire line plus backing. I never saw a niche for the switch rod but I'm a traditionalist so take that for what it's worth. I have a boat but choose to wade for my fish it's what my ancestors did and the spey is the tool to do it with. You can buy a switch but it will never equal the speys capability. Weight wise I would buy an 8/9 , it's heavy enough for bass,carp,and schooly stripers. You can throw large flys with it a single hand 8/9 wt would struggle to do with less energy and further. If you want an all around Salmon, and light salt rod then a 10/11 is what you are looking for. There are many many brands out there, buying used will give you top of the line equipment at entry level costs. Drop a line in the spey forum and ask questions and listen to the answers. Good luck

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