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Default Re: Ferrule wrap issue, I want your opinion

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
I read an interesting article on blank prep and epoxy adhesion. The writer admitted that it is not necessary as no factory rods are prepared this way and rarely does the epoxy fail. I decided to go with the extra step of prepping the blank to a "water break free" surface due to what I've read about care needed in mounting Recoil guides. If not properly wound with good epoxy penetration and adhesion they can slip free, due to the material's pliable nature. I know it was completely unnecessary for the ferrule where there isn't a foot to worry about, I just thought I'd do it. Live and learn.
First, I think the long wrap looks pretty cool and would keep it.

Second, I almost always use recoil guides and have never had any slippage issues. I never use CP and always use Flex Coat lite (2-3 coats), FYI.

In any case, congrats on a nice looking wrap and build!
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