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Default Re: Competing with other sportspeople for carp

For the record, I am a pretty serious carp nut. They are basically all I fish for anymore. My take on this is pretty simple.

1). It isn't fishing. With a bow, you are in no way attempting to fool a fish with artificial feathers or bait into voluntarily ingesting your hook. It simpy is not fishing, but that doesn't make it wrong.

2). In most places, reasonable harvest of common carp makes sense and will likely improve the over all fishery. But the key word for me is HARVEST. Note, not slaughter. If you are finding a use for the fish (compost works for me, crab bait out here, food etc) and are reasonable in how many you kill, I wouldn't take issue. Carp are a resource much like the rest of our gamefish, and a reasonable and sustainable harvest of that resource makes sense. We aren't talking about golden trout in the Sierra here.

That said, wanton killing is t my bag, nor would I consider such acts the action of a sportsman. I am frequently disgusted by all of the bow killed carp I find left to rot. Be a sportsman. Take your kill and use it. It seems awfully simple to me.

It sounds like the forum members that do kill carp with bows are practicing sportsman, which is great.
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